Count Me In We’re counting on you to help feed vulnerable families

Food is a basic human right. Although it is one of life’s simplest provisions, food is the defining factor between life and death. Without an adequate intake of nourishment, many around the world are left malnourished and vulnerable. Give a Gift Now


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“We’re doing all we can, to preventing people from dying of hunger” - Mercy Without Limits

Too many people are trapped in a cycle of hunger by systemic forces beyond their immediate control, such as poverty, disaster, and conflict. Proper nutrition is the first step taken towards rebuilding the shattered lives of children, internally displaced people, and refugees facing these unfortunate circumstances.


Malnutrition in the early months and years can damage a child’s brain, impair the immune system, and cause stunting, where the child’s body stops growing properly.


Hunger can end and we’re counting on you!

This Ramadan be a hero and join the movement. Ramadan is the month of giving, don’t miss this opportunity to give back to the most vulnerable communities.

While most gather around the table to enjoy a variety of warm cooked meal, many who are fasting are struggling to find drinkable water to drink let alone food to feed their families.

Can we count on you to feed the hungry?Join hundreds as we come together to provide food basket for vulnerable families this Ramadan.

The world’s most vulnerable people tend to live in degraded environments, where resources are scarce, and the threat of disaster is higher. For years now, Mercy Without Limits has been committed to contributing sustainable nourishment for those in need.

We focus on feeding large groups of people in emergency situations, as well as addressing long-term food security initiatives. Our food security program provides meals to improve performance and nourish growing bodies.

“Sometimes we delay breakfast so we can eat lunch late because we can only afford two meals a day. And sometimes it is one meal a day, depending on how much I can afford.” - Khadija M.

What’s in the Ramadan Food

Each food basket is designed to contain the best nutritional items based on the recommended standards.

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Food packages help save lives. Together, we can make a difference. Gift a Ramadan Food Basket today.