A Childhood Without Limits - Music Video

A Childhood Without Limits - Music Video

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Dec 10, 2018

Following the amazing success of our first Mercy Without Limits music video, we are excited to announce the launch of our SECOND music video!

Featuring the talented Mousa Mustafa, the debut song "A Childhood Without Limits" evokes hope and motivation to all listeners.

What is childhood? At Mercy Without Limits, with the generosity and dedication of our many supporters, staff, and volunteers, we uphold the belief that childhood is a time for children to be free. Free of worry, sadness, and injustice. A childhood without limits is a time for love, hope, and generosity.

Join us in "reliving the burden and wiping away the tears" AND Join us in "building the foundations for a strong generation". A generation that will carry with it the spirit of giving, love, and hope for many more generations to come.