Back to School

Back to School

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Aug 31, 2018

With the sound of school bells ringing and pounding feet on fresh pavement, children and youth all around the United States are ready to begin the new school year. With backpacks full of school supplies, new clothes to wear, and family & friends supporting their journey, students are ready to reach their full academic potential.  

Thousands of miles away, in small villages around Syria, Ghana, Jordan, and Sierra Leone children eagerly wish and ask their caregivers if they can attend the local make-shift schools. For little girls like Mariam, going to school is an expensive dream. Going to school with a backpack, school supplies, and new clothes to wear, is a dream almost impossible to reach.  

While her caregivers would love to send her to the local school and send her with supplies to help her learn, but life is difficult for poor refugee families who struggle to make ends meet. With our orphan sponsorship program, Mercy Without Limits sponsors eagerly support young dreamers by helping fund the costs of their education and the supplies they need to have a great school year.        

Join Mercy Without Limits as we empower eager children and youth to reach their dream of going to school, having backpacks filled with school supplies, new clothes to wear, and academic potential to reach.