Daraa Emergency Relief

Daraa Emergency Relief

CATEGORY: From the Field
WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Jul 30, 2018

On June 19, airstrikes, shelling, and ground attacks tore into Daraa, destroying hospitals, targeting civilians, and displacing more than 330,000 Syrians — the largest displacement since the Syrian war began. According to reports, 159 civilians were killed, including 33 children. Over 350,000 civilians fled to the boarders which were sealed. 


Meanwhile, hundreds of families found themselves without shelter, sleeping in the desert under the open sky without sufficient food, drinkable water, or medical access.




Mercy Without Limits is quickly responding to the crisis. All month long we've been on the ground helping vulnerable families. 

Distributing Bedding

Mercy Without Limits has started distributing bedding to the affected population in Daraa, Syria to ensure personal comfort, dignity, health, and well-being is preserved


Providing Water & Nutritious Meals

Humans can survive a week without food but cannot live more than three days without water. While the abundance of water in our daily lives means most of us take it for granted, the reality on the ground is that thousands of Syrian displaced people suffer from lack of access to water. This past month Mercy Without Limits was on the ground in Daraa, Syria providing children and families with clean water and warm cooked meals. 


With your help and compassion, we can make accessible water a reality and help thousands of families survive during the attacks. All we’re waiting for is the funding. Please donate now