Drilling Water Wells In Ghana

Drilling Water Wells In Ghana

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WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Jul 10, 2018

Work is underway in Accra, Ghana!

Here is an update on the project.

In Ghana, close to six million people rely on surface water to meet their daily water needs, leaving them vulnerable to water-related illness and disease. Water is the foundation to the first steps of development and has immediate impact on every part of rural life. Each of our wells can serve up to 2,000 people’s basic daily needs. 

Seventy percent of all diseases in Ghana are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.


Mercy Without Limits began constructing a deep water well in Ghana in 2018. This project was developed in the eastern region of Accra, Ghana. Mercy Without Limits worked closely with the local government, organizations, and skilled workers throughout construction, making sure the work fit the regional development plan. To maintain long-term solutions the water well was designed with an electric pump.




With the help of our generous donors we were able to provide over 1,000 residents with clean drinkable water. Part of our mission is to train village residents to maintain and repair the pumps, and we routinely check the installations. 


Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of people still trying to survive without easy access to clean and healthy water. With your help and compassion, we can make these projects become a reality. All we’re waiting for is the funding. Donate Here.