Empower the Rohingya People

Empower the Rohingya People

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Jan 30, 2019

Being homeless hurts. Being homeless with no end date brings hopelessness.  

Since fleeing Myanmar in 2017, the surviving Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh remain displaced on what is now called “No Man’s Land”. There is no end date to their displacement.  

With YOUR generosity, kindness, and dedication to supporting the displaced Rohingya refugees, Mercy Without Limits is able to expand its services and continue building shelters and schools for the most vulnerable refugees.  

In the last weekend of January alone, the Mercy Without Limits community raised over 170 thousand dollars for our programs and projects in Bangladesh. Every dollar brings hope, dignity, and recovery which translate to more shelters, more classrooms, and more water wells being built.  


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