February 2018 Newsletter

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WRITTEN BY: Mohamad Naser Albadawi
POSTED ON: Feb 12, 2018






Agents of Change!

Every morning, the women wake up and prepare their children's food and arrangements for the day before heading out to work. These women rely on themselves to ensure the care and needs of their families are being met. The women are part of a growing population of women-led households. Due to the rise in war casualties and the refugee crisis, many Syrian families have lost the men in their lives - men who would typically be the family's breadwinner. As a result, women have stepped up to take on the roles of mother, father, and family breadwinner. These women are: Agents of Change.

Mercy Without Limits believes in women & youth because we see them as change makers, with the passion to dream of a better world and the drive to build it. In Turkey and Syria, we have over 50,000 women and 16,000 girls participating in our programs and projects. From providing livelihood courses, educational funds & supplies, to psycho-social support, Mercy Without Limits aims to empower women and girls through access to safe economic opportunities. By facilitating joint social and economic activities, we are able to create unique opportunities for women and girls who go on to rebuild social networks that were severed by conflict and displacement.

The war may have put the women's lives and dreams on hold, but not forever. We will continue to support them because the future of Syria depends on its women and youth: the Agents of Change!

She's Full of Dreams.

Like any girl, 8-year-old Simaf is full of dreams. Her obsession with Disney princesses gives her hope for the future. She wishes one day her mom will be able to buy her a Cinderella dress. Simaf is a Syrian refugee who fled Syria with her family after her father died in the war. Her mother wants to fulfill all Simaf’s dreams but for now, can only afford to feed her 3 children and pay rent.

“After their dad died, I did my best to give my children everything, but all I can do is feed them and pay rent. I know she wants to live like other girls, it breaks my heart when she talks about her small dreams and I can't make them true” - Simaf's mother.

Her mother works all day and comes home tired and exhausted. Though Simaf's mother is strong, it's not easy raising 3 children alone in their current situation. That is why Mercy Without Limits depends on you to bring dreams to life. As a monthly donor of even a small amount, you'll help keep our life-changing programs running and enable mothers to provide for their families.

Bring Dreams to Life

Mariam Jafaru: A Girl Dreaming of Medical School

With twinkling eyes and a smile of hope, no one who meets Mariam Jafaru from Ghana would ever think she has lived through sorrow and fear. At just 13-years old, Mariam has lost her father, been homeless, and stopped going to school. As she explains, “With his death, we lost everything. We lost our home. We couldn’t pay rent, so we were evicted. Because we didn’t have money we couldn’t attend school”.

As a result, Mariam along with her siblings had to move out of the city and move in with their elderly Aunt. They now live in a remote location without access to nearby establishments. Mariam is one of the many children in Ghana that Mercy Without Limits supports their education by covering their tuition costs and supply fees. At Mercy Without Limits we believe every child deserves to live, grow, and learn. We believe Mariam deserves to be loved and deserves to grow up and achieve all her dreams.

Although the school is far from home and the walk is difficult, Mariam says “I am happy because I want to go to school and I want to be a doctor when I grow up”. She wants her kind supporters who make her educational dreams come true to know how grateful she is, “thank you for supporting us”!


Benefit Dinner For Orphans

Join us for a fundraising dinner recognizing orphans around the world.

Date: March 23, 2018
Location: Crystal Banquet
6300 Independence Parkway | Plano, TX
Time: 7:00 PM

Buy Tickets HERE

Buy Tickets HERE

Hope For Orphans

Join us for a fundraising dinner recognizing orphans around the world.

Date: March 24, 2018
Location: Arab American Cultural
Community | Houston,TX
Time: 7:00 PM

Bring Back Their Smiles

Many Rohingya women & children have been subjected to starvation & have lost everything. Join Mercy Without Limits for a fundraising dinner to help the people of Rohingya.

Date: March 10, 2018
Location: Marriott Suites | 12015 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove, CA
Time: 6:00 PM

Buy Tickets HERE

Buy Tickets HERE

Hope For Orphans

Join us for a fundraising dinner recognizing orphans around the world.

Date: March 25, 2018
Location: Great Wolf Lodge 12681 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, CA
Time: 5:00 PM

Bangladesh Trip

Want to help the people of Rohingya? Take a humanitarian trip to Bangladesh this April.

From April 19-28 Dar El Ehsan Travel organized a trip to Bangladesh. Mercy Without Limits will be the host relief organization.

For more information contact:

Mohammad Moniruzzaman
Call -- (833) 464-4255
Email -- info@darelehsan.com

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