Finding Hope on The Soccer Field

Finding Hope on The Soccer Field

CATEGORY: From the Field
WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Aug 31, 2018

Mercy Without Limits' soccer engagement project was recently featured by Aljazeera news. The feature showed the soccer participants in Jabal Alzawiya joyfully playing soccer while supported by team members, family, friends, and the community. The event was a great success, full of smiles and happiness for all attendees.   

At Mercy Without Limits, we believe engagement in sports has a positive social impact on the lives of refugees and disadvantaged children, youth, and young adults. Not only do sports offer participants physical and psychosocial benefits, it also reduces antisocial and risky behavior among participants.  

Many refugees, marginalized, and disadvantaged people, especially youth and young adults who have no access to adequate education or social opportunities, end up turning to risky behavior - drug use, gang activity, etc - to cope with the difficulties they face. By providing them with an outlet to engage in positive and healthy activities, Mercy Without Limits is working to empower vulnerable youth and people with healthy tools and coping mechanisms.   

Thank you to our supporters, our participants, and our staff for making the event a success. Go, team