Jordan Medical Campaign

Jordan Medical Campaign

CATEGORY: From the Field
WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without limits
POSTED ON: Jul 30, 2018

Around the world hundreds of young children, women, refugees, and elderly remain without adequate access to healthcare services or treatment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people who lack access to basic healthcare services, approximately 3.8 billion, is on the rise. 

In disaster zones and undeserved communities, the lack of available services, the high cost of scarce services available, and the lack of monetary means to pay for services cause many vulnerable people to fall sick and die from many preventable illnesses. Health is vital to the empowerment and perseverance of people facing disasters, poverty, and hardships in life.       

Mercy Without Limits president attended the Medical Care Campaign in Jordan

Mercy Without Limits president, Mohamad Albadawi attended the Medical Care Campaign in Jordan

In Jordan, 90% of refugee families and orphaned children who live in underserved and poor communities, cannot afford the cost of medical care and vaccinations. The Mercy Without Limits team in Jordan conducted an assessment to find out the best ways to support and give children access to medical services. 

With the help of our loyal supporters, we were able to complete the assessment and deliver necessary medical check-ups and care to more than 300 hundred refugees. The Jordan Mercy Without Limits team made sure that each child, woman, man, and elderly had a quality checkup, updated vaccinations, and treatment for medical illnesses.