Love Is A Healing Crayon

Love Is A Healing Crayon

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Feb 27, 2019

Every child deserves to be loved. Every child deserves the opportunity to feel cherished, cared for, and protected. If you give a child a crayon…

  • She will draw a picture of a waterfall filled with clean, sparkly, blue water – water that is hard to find in her refugee camp.
  • He will draw the backyard of his old home where his family used to grow vegetables in the summertime before hunger became the norm.
  • She will write letters to her mama, saying how much she misses her and her little brother who did not make it across the sea.
  • He will write letters to his friends about how he learned to play soccer

Mercy Without Limits psychosocial centers are built in areas of high need, like refugee camps where many children carry trauma and loss. Our community centers offer children a safe space where social workers support the emotional and social development of vulnerable children through the use of art, music, creative play, and physical activity. For the children in our programs, love is healing the pain of yesterday. It is giving them the tools, activities, and support they need to express their feelings, cope with their sadness, and thrive despite their circumstances.

Thanks to you, Mercy Without Limits works every day to ensure all children grow up feeling loved. With your dedication and support, we continue to expand our wellness centers, hire social workers, and create activities for the children. Love heals old wounds and makes room for new blooms – Join us to ensure all children feel safe and loved.