Supporting Federal Employees

Supporting Federal Employees

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Jan 30, 2019

Mercy Without Limits hosted a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support people impacted by the United States federal government shutdown. The shutdown, the longest in US history left thousands of American residents across the country working without pay and/or not receiving their government assistance subsidies.  

Federal workers received their second paychecks with a balance of zero. The resulting financial strain?has left many seeking help from local food pantries. Food pantries around the United States have been reporting an increase demand for their services as a result of the shutdown and have been they are relying on people’s generosity to support those impacted.  

Mercy Without Limit’s campaign, “Support Federal Employees” aimed to do just that. With a funding goal of $10,000, Mercy Without Limits partnered with local food pantries raised funds to provide free groceries for those who need it. While we can wait to see how politics will play out and when the status of the federal shutdown will change, hunger does not wait. 

Food security is a basic human right. Thank you for making groceries accessible to all in need - federal employees, contractors, federal subsidy receipts, and others facing financial instability.