The Motorcyclist Imam who traveled over 17,000 miles for orphans

The Motorcyclist Imam who traveled over 17,000 miles for orphans

WRITTEN BY: Mercy Without Limits
POSTED ON: Jan 30, 2019

Mercy Without Limit’s Ahmed Elkhaldy, the Motorcyclist Imam, is at it again! Even with his busy schedule as a medical student, an Imam, and a motorcyclist, we were able to sit down and ask him a couple questions about his journey.  

The Ride for Orphans (RFO) campaign is a motorcycle tour across 500 cities of America. The interfaith campaign aims to build positive relationships between all communities of faith while raising awareness and funds for displaced children around the world.  

Read his interview below 

    1.What as the hardest part on this recent trip? 

The hardest part of the trip is not the actual the trip itself but switching from having a routine lifestyle to constantly being on the road. I actually put my personal life on hold while riding for the campaign. It’s especially hard at balancing different factors in my life because I’m a 4th-year medical student at The University of Science Arts and Technology. In addition, I have a family, but I’m a firm believer that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.  

    2. How many miles have you traveled on this recent trip? 

This recent trip I’ve traveled 7,000 miles since the second episode starting from Atlanta, GA. In total about 17,000 miles around the United States since we started back in January of 2016.


    3. Is it hard leaving your family behind? 

I very lucky because I have an extremely supportive wife and family who believe in the cause and see how much of a difference I’m making. 


    4. Where do you store all your belongings? 

I’ve come across amazing communities and individuals who are always willing to support me including hosting myself and the motorcycle. I usually travel with 5 bags including my motorcycle gear, personal belongings, MWL’s promotional material, a tent, and a sleeping bag. Every time I go to a new city, I find someone new to help with my belongings. Like I said I’ve very grateful for peoples support. 

   5. How have the audience reacted to your trip? 

Kids, teens, adults, every person I meet is very supportive. For instance, I was once heading to my tent to sleep and a brother approached me offering a room in his house. He said, “Either I sleep here or you coming to my house.” I was very humbled by his offer. Another brother mentioned that every time I’m in town, I’ll always have a free hotel room. So far, everyone I’ve met is supportive and willing to help in any way.  

In the beginning, I used to refuse help because I felt shy but then I realized that this isn’t MY ride, it’s OUR ride. This is the community doing their part. This is how they are bringing change, by participating and that’s more important than hearing the lecture. 


    6. What's the best thing about your trip? 

The best part is interacting with the youth especially when they’re eager to help and strive to do more. I like encouraging the youth to achieve their legacies and dreams. Also, knowing that we’re making a difference for orphans who are vulnerable is the greatest reward. 


For $2 – you too can sponsor a child in need.   

Imam Ahmed Elkhaldy will be visiting several community centers in Southern California. He will be leading workshops, activities, and educational seminars. Follow along on Ride for Orphans Facebook page to join the fun for a good cause. To learn more about the campaign and to invite Elkhaldy to your community contact Imam Ahmed at