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Orphan Care, Education, Food Security, Water & Sanitation Hygiene, Healthcare, Emergency Response, Micro Project/Livelihood, and Seasonal Projects

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School Rehabilitation Project of schools in Afrin Syria
February 16, 2020

Mercy Without Limits provides children, youth, and college-students access to quality education so they have a chance at achieving long-term success and stability. ​ Rehabilitation Project of schools in Afrin.
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1,000 Food Baskets in response to harsh condition in Northern Syria
February 14, 2020

  Mercy Without Limits distribute 1,000 Food Baskets in response to the harsh and cold weather families experiencing in Northern Syria. The families are living either in their cars or small tents on the side...
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100 tents and 2,000 food baskets to refugees from Idlib
February 13, 2020

Mercy Without Limits built 100 tents and distributed 2,000 food baskets, in response to the recent massive displacement in Idlib and its countryside to the north. Note: Families are living in harsh winter conditions.
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Winter jackets to 855 Orphan Children – Northern Syria
February 12, 2020

Mercy Without Limits respond to the emergency cold and hard conditions of the families in North Syria. The team distributed high-quality Jackets for Winter to 855 Orphan Children aged between 5 to 17 years old...
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Children protection and Case Management training
February 10, 2020

Mercy Without Limits held a ten-day training course targeting the organization's protection team in the Afrin and Idlib region. The participants received training based on protection standards for children, the basics of case management, how...
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A three day training on the basics of child protection
February 9, 2020

Mercy Without Limits organization's Protection and Psychosocial Support Department organized a three-day course on the basics of child protection, and the identification and transfer mechanism. The course targeted 140 people working on the project.
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Forced Evacuations in Idlib Syria
February 3, 2020

In the last few weeks, more than 200,000 civilians have been displaced from their homes. They are in desperate need of shelter, food, and diesel fuel for heating. MWL has established a special operations team...
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Winterization_Kits  distribution in IDPs
January 22, 2020

Mercy Without Limits continued their Emergency Response activity and the distribution of #Winterization_Kits for the new wave of IDPs from Ma'arret Al Noman and other areas and reached 4,744 families, and will reach another 1,000 in the...
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