Director of Marketing & Communications
Role: Full Time
Location: Kansas City, KS (remote applicants will be considered)

About MWL

Mercy Without Limits is a humanitarian nonprofit organization that is committed to providing a better life
for orphans and widows in the Middle East and South Asia. MWL was established in 2012 and has grown
to have over 700 employees worldwide, and 8 offices overseas. We are looking for dedicated team
members to join our growth and build on to what we have been able to accomplish.

Based out of Kansas, our work has grown and taken us all around the world in areas of high orphan
populations. We provide the fundamental tools for the short-term and long-term survival of our orphans,
widows, and refugees. Our dedicated staff has done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while
strengthening our programs and services to meet the needs of each community we serve. Our goal is
to insure our orphans and their communities will continue to have access to clear water, food assistance,
education, and other needed necessities.

Despite the many challenges our orphans, widows, and refugees face on a daily basis, they are fortunate
to have many loyal supporters who are committed to providing them with tools for their continued growth
and prosperity. We believe together we can make a difference in the lives of others.


The successful applicant will be responsible for building a new Marketing & Communications
. They will lead on the planning, development and implementation of all of the
organization’s marketing, communications, advertising, and branding strategies and activities.

  • Oversee department which includes a team of five:
    • Nonorganic Digital Marketing
    • Organic Digital Marketing Officer
    • Copywriter
    • Graphic Designer
    • Videographer
    • Web Developer
  • Plan and oversee organization’s advertising and promotional activities
  • Guide day to day marketing team communications
  • Communicating with marketing team weekly and providing them with our yearly calendar schedule
    • All campaigns
    • Delegating responsibilities according to title
  • Reporting to COO weekly
  • Working on marketing goals and plans with COO & CEO
    • Implementing marketing plans with marketing team
  • Develop and plan marketing budgets
  • Managing traditional and digital media
  • Develop a new marketing branding manual, program calendars, and other new marketing projects
  • Develop campaign branding plans
  • Measuring return on investment of various advertising methods
  • Performs marketing research to better identify target audience needs and implementing finds into marketing plan
  • Develop and track marketing KPI’s
  • Create strategic marketing plan for 2022-2025
  • Relaying story board ideas to videographers/content creators
  • Provide mentorship to team members

Skills Needed

  • Leadership skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative
  • Communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Meticulous
  • Desire for growth and professional development
  • A good team player

Required Experience & Education

  • Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Marketing and/or related field
  • 5+ experience in marketing
  • Managing a marketing team for at least 2 years
  • Preferred: experience in non-profit campaign management
  • Track record of success managing multiple campaigns at once
  • Knowledge of finance: expense management experience including profit and loss statements
  • Balancing a heavy workload
  • Preferred: experienced with the process of re-branding
  • Advanced experience in Microsoft Office
  • Intermediate proficiency with digital trafficking systems/google analytics
  • Salesforce proficiency is a plus
  • Confident, driven, and dynamic leader


All interested applicants should email their resume, a cover letter, and three professional
references. Cover letter must outline:

  1. Why you are interested in this position.
  2. How your values align with our mission.
  3. A highlight to your professional and/or personal experiences that make you a good fit for this position.
  4. And salary requirements.

Please email documents to [email protected] with the job title in the subject line.