Help Them Get Back on Their Feet

Victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria in February 2023 continue to require our support as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

So far, MWL has been able to support hundreds of thousands of victims of the devastation, but there are still many more who need our help. During this blessed month especially, we all should be at ease so we can pray and spend time with our families.

Our Gaziantep-based team is working around-the-clock in both Turkiye and Syria to provide urgent relief to those who have been devastated by this disaster. Your support can supply food, water and shelter, and make all the difference this Ramadan.

Long-Term Impact

MWL has just signed an agreement with the civil engineering association locally in Syria to buy tools and hire experts to inspect affected buildings and determine which to save and repair.

The project, which is part of our long-term commitment to the region, carries with it a $100,000 investment and will provide much-needed support to those who have had to leave their homes behind for fear of the earthquake’s impact.

It’s generosity from people just like you that has allowed us to carry out such a critical project, but there is still so much work left to be done.

Ramadan is an incredible time for us to remember those struggling and do good for them. Your contributions also serve as a pathway to earn the blessings that this special month offers. So keep providing acts of compassion and help the people of Turkiye and Syria get back on their feet this Ramadan!