Illuminate Their Future

Show mercy to children in need and spread light to their lives with MWL - Give children in need the education they deserve.

Help Fuel Their Dreams

Every child looks forward to school to learn from their teachers, to play with their friends and to pursue their dreams. Every student dreams of attending university, to turn their hard work into a successful career. Every parent hopes their children make the most of their education to have a brighter future. Every teacher hopes to provide support to children and empower them to reach their truest potential.

For children in need, going to school is a crucial opportunity to support themselves and empower others. By donating with MWL, you can help them achieve an education and break the cycle of poverty.

Show mercy with MWL and empower them on their academic journey!

Our Education Work

Mercy Without Limits provides children, youth, and college students in underserved communities access to quality education so they can achieve long-term success and stability. For communities with formal schools, MWL subsidizes school tuition costs and provides scholarships.

For communities without access to formal schools, MWL supports informal schools by providing them with educational supplies, teacher salaries, and building maintenance (heaters, etc.) so students continue having access to quality schooling.

At present, MWL has informal schools in cities of Daraa, Al-Ghouta, Hama, Idlib, and Aleppo, providing education to thousands of students.