Mercy Without Limits is the official sponsor of Aleppo University. The University has campuses located in the cities of Daraa and Aleppo. The Universities consist of many established departments, including General Education, Finance, Law, Language, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Theology, and Business Administration. Furthermore, two medical schools have been created in the suburbs of Damascus and Idlib. MWL is currently working on developing other programs and departments.

Mercy Without Limits also subsidizes many informal elementary, middle, and high schools across Syria. Formal schools are not secure enough for children to attend, which led to the emergence of informal schools. We operate a series of informal schools located in rebel controlled areas. At present, MWL has informal schools in cities of Daraa, Al-Ghouta, Hama, Idlib, and Aleppo, providing education to over 10,000 students. With over twenty academic supervisors, we work on managing and further advancing our programs with a special focus on literacy.

Mercy Without Limits covers the annual administrative costs for all Boards of Education in every province. We have also partnered up with University of Washington, Columbia University, Eastern Michigan University, University of California Berkeley, and many more offering a scholarship to students through the ‘Books not Bombs’ initiative.

Through innovative thinking, our team makes use of the minimal spaces and resources within Syria to pave the way for hope and growth. We aim to provide students with the necessary tools to excel in their academic development and in their communities.