With increased violence, war, and social instability around the world, many countries are suffering a medical crisis. Functioning health care facilities are being destroyed while those that continue to operate suffer from shortages of water, electricity and supplies. The insufficiency of health service facilities has led to the outbreak of diseases that were once preventable, and has significantly increased the morbidity and mortality rate in the communities we serve.

At Mercy Without Limits, we are committed to providing robust health care programs to communities facing a medical crisis. Through our health care program, we provide access to health services for children, widows, and refugees in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Ghana. We work to supply medical facilities with medical supplies and equipment, fund local clinics, and build the framework for sustainable medical care systems.

Our work to build sustainable healthy communities, families and individuals is at the heart of Mercy Without Limits’ vision. By collaborating with fellow humanitarian NGOs, local and national governmental agencies, we help build both short-term and long-term medical interventions to provide life-saving support.