One Night = A Thousand Months

The night of power wields endless blessings and illuminates our deeds. Better than a thousand months, your actions during the last ten nights of Ramadan can provide you with rewards that will benefit you now and in the hereafter.

Left outside in the cold after their homes were destroyed as a result of the devastating earthquakes, families in Turkiye and Syria are without adequate food, water and shelter. Join MWL during the best nights of the year and provide for families and orphans in their time of need. Your mercy and kindness can feed the hungry and support the orphaned.

Share your blessings with our brothers and sisters this Laylatul Qadr!

Why MWL?

Operating in multiple countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, MWL works tirelessly year round to provide those in need with support in all aspects of life – shelter, education, water food security, and psychological support. MWL ensures that your donation is implemented in programs that aid those who need it the most.

So join us in supporting families this Ramadan - share your blessings and show kindness and compassion to those in need. Bring smiles to their faces and hope for their futures as we all celebrate this blessed month.