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Orphan Care, Education, Food Security, Healthcare, Micro Project/Livelihood, and Seasonal Projects

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End 2020 with Love Fundraising Event
December 4, 2020

  💚400 Orphans lost their sponsorship, Save 100 Orphans at this event❗ Mercy Without Limits orphan sponsorship program is designed to guarantee the wellbeing of each child. For $60/month, sponsored orphans are given access to...
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No Children should face hunger
November 19, 2020

  Get to Know us! MWL implemented two projects to provide basic food assistance for the food insecure people. The projects provided agriculture and livelihood services in partnership with UNOCAH in addition to the services...
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Education… Education… Education…
November 16, 2020

  Get to Know us! MWL implemented several education projects meeting the huge demands of educational basic needs such as learning kits, rehabilitation schools, teachers' incentives, etc. Support Our Effort
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Let us keep Children in School
November 12, 2020

  Get to Know us! MWL aimed to mitigate the risk of dropping children out of schools due to crises and difficulties Support Our Effort
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Stay Safe
November 9, 2020

[embed]https://youtu.be/JnLAbH4Gu4Q[/embed] Our team at Mercy Without Limits has been doing all they can to teach children good hygiene and practices to prevent the virus. The children at MWL have positive behaviors and doing their part...
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We work in many Countries
November 5, 2020

  Get to Know us! MWL work in 9 countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Lebanon Support Our Effort
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MWL Programs
November 4, 2020

[embed]https://youtu.be/Oc5mgcz2f7s[/embed] Mercy Without Limits have many great programs, ✔️ Child Protection Program ✔️ Education Program ✔️ Food Security & Livelihood ✔️ Shelter &NFI Program ✔️ Wash Program and more. Together We can make a difference.
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Girls Need Education too
November 2, 2020

  Get to Know us Mercy Without Limits advocate for girls getting educated, 50% of our education program participants are girls. Support Our Effort 
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