Emergency Relief:Send Aid to Morocco and Libya

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Communities Are in Crisis After Devastating Flooding Has Caused Widespread Destruction in Libya.

Show Mercy to Those Affected By the Tragic 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Morocco.

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The situation in Libya is dire, and we can't afford to wait - they need our help now.

When Hurricane Daniel struck Libya it caused dams to burst and unleashed devastation. The consequences have been catastrophic, with thousands missing, feared dead, and entire neighborhoods swept away. Families and communities have been left homeless, struggling without access to basic necessities.

Show your compassion and humanity for those affected by this disaster with MWL. Your contribution can provide essential humanitarian aid and relief to Libyans who need your support now more than ever.

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Send Earthquake Relief

A devastating and deadly 6.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Morocco. The epicenter was in the High Atlas mountains but the quake could be felt across large parts of the country, causing damage to historic buildings in Marrakech.

The true toll of this disaster has yet to be discovered, but more than 2 thousand people are currently known to have lost their lives and more than 2 thousand people are injured. According to WHO, more than 300,000 people have been affected, with homes, villages and communities left in rubble.

Emergency workers are struggling to reach all those affected due to the remote nature of the area and urgent help is desperately needed.

Our team is ready to provide urgent humanitarian assistance, but the people of Morocco need your help. Show your support, compassion and mercy and send urgent earthquake relief with MWL now.

Save Lives in Morocco with MWL

Provide food baskets, shelter and clothing.

Saves Lives in Libya with MWL

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Mercy Without Limits is ready to act swiftly and effectively.

MWL’s experienced emergency response team is working tirelessly to ensure that we provide essential aid where it’s needed most, but we can’t do it without you and your compassion.

Your generosity can provide essential items and care for families, individuals and communities who have lost everything, both in Morocco and Libya. Every moment counts for them because the longer they’re without aid, the longer they have to suffer.

With your support, we will be dedicating all our efforts to bring comfort and assistance to affected communities in this most challenging time.