Celebrate EID with us


Don’t let the lockdown keep you down this Eid. Celebrate with us and your friends and family online! We’re bringing big name entertainers right to your living room, including Amal Kassir, Raef, Mousa Mustafa, Abdulfateh Owainat, Yahya Hawwa, Mesut Kurtis…. The kids will have a special segment just for them. Don’t feel alone this Eid because we will be there for you and can’t wait to meet you at our virtual Eid party!




Sunday, May 24th, 2020

10 AM PT | 12PM CT | 1PM ET






Amal Kassir

Amal Kassir is a Muslim Woman, born and raised in Denver, CO to a German-Iowan Mother and a Syrian Father. She is an international spoken word poet, having performed in 10 countries and over 45 cities. 

Mesout Kurtis

Mesut Kurtis is a Turkish-Macedonian singer whose rendition of the Burdah and the music video for it have become modern‐day classics. Mesut has performed to sell-out crowds in some of the most prestigious concert halls the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Macedonia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait to mention just a few.

Yahya Hawa:

Yayha Hawwa is a Syrian singer. He is known for his songs on the Syrian Revolution. His songs mainly focus on human rights, human issues and political issues, faith, and spirituality.

Mousa Mustafa

‎موسى مصطفى فنان سويدي من اصل سوري حلبي ، ولد في 1-01-1978، يسعى لنشر الفن الملتزم. عام 1987 كانت بداية الفنان موسى مصطفى حيث كانت المشاركة الأولى له في مهرجان أقامته الجامعة الأردنية في عمان على مدرج سمير الرفاعي ثم توالــت المشاركات في المهرجانات المختلفة مثل مهرجانات مدارس الأقصى ومهرجانــات مناصرة الشعب الفلسطيني المختلفة وشارك الفنان في المهرجانات المقامة في جمهورية الجزائر وكانت هذه المهرجانات هي بداية انتشاره على المستوى العالمي ثم توالت مشاركته في مختلف الدول العربية والأوروبية فلقد زار دول الخليج العربي وزار دول المغرب العربي وزار العديد من دول الاتحاد الأوروبي وفي عام 1999 قام بإصدار ألبومه الأول بعنوان ليل وقمر وقد احتوى هذا الألبوم على ثمان أغاني من ألحانه وألحان الفنان محمد أبو راتب وقد كان هذا الإصدار عبارة لتبني الفنان للون العاطفي والوجداني

Abdulfatah Owinat

Abdulfattah Owainat is a Palestinian singer and songwriter best known for his songs on Human Rights in the Middle East.

Raef Haggag

Raef Haggag is an Egyptian-American singer based in Washington DC. He transitioned from a career in software engineering and is now a well-known singer in the Muslim American community having performed in multiple tours across the country and overseas.

Kazima Wajahat

Kazima Wajahat is a Speech-Language Pathologist, author, writer, and parent coach. She holds a Master of Science in Communication Disorders and a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology as well as a background in Psychology. In 2017, Kazima wrote and published the children’s book, “Mikaeel and Malaika The Quest for Love” and recently launched her second book in the series, “Mikaeel and Malaika The Power of Dua” as well as her seasonal ebook “Mikaeel and Malaika A Quarantine Ramadan.” Kazima also hosts events and storytimes at various institutions and recently hosted MAS Young Hearts program as part of their team of speakers. She aspires to instill a love for Islam and mold confident young Muslims as they are the future of our faith.

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