Millions of children around the world remain helplessly trapped in a vicious cycle of disadvantaged circumstances. Circumstances such as, poverty, war, and environmental disasters. These circumstances predispose children to malnutrition, violence, sickness, and early death. Of these children, the most vulnerable are the orphans who do not have the support or loving arms of a family to rely on.

Mercy Without Limits’ orphan sponsorship program is designed to guarantee the wellbeing of each child through targeted initiatives. These initiatives focus on four primary principals: nourishment, shelter, health and education. For $60/month, sponsored orphans are given access to clean water, food security, health services, education, and other needed necessities. Our program guarantees orphans the opportunity to thrive and grow into empowered, educated, and dedicated members of their community.

Currently, we provide short-term relief and long-term sustainable efforts to orphans and orphan families in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Through our innovative donor portal, donors can stay up to date about their orphan, their orphan’s community, and can even communicate directly with the orphan by email or mail.