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Mercy Without Limits is there to assure that the most vulnerable have an opportunity to survive. Our work takes us into the heart of Syrian communities, where we assist in providing the fundamental tools for Syrian orphans and widows for survival. Mercy Without Limits employs the donations it receives efficiently and effectively, through various programs including those that assist small villages, where chronic hunger has tightened its grip on families. From school children who send their allowance for relief efforts, to the largest philanthropic donors, we cherish all of our supporters, big and small. With your help and commitment, we are one step closer to changing the life of a Syrian orphan and pursuing greater achievements in bettering the lives of those, which are amongst the most, disadvantaged. All contributions made in offerings will be more than appreciated by the Mercy Without Limits team and even more so by those directly affected by the siege.

Mercy Without Limits is a nonprofit 501©(3) (status) organization, dedicated to rescuing and educating the thousands of Syrian children who have been orphaned by the ongoing war.

Please note that donations may be used to support program activities other than the programs listed above.


The countries where we are working:

 Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey,  Lebanon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh

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Recent statistics have revealed the second leading cause of civilian death to be starvation. There is a widespread shortage of food and water around the country leaving many to turn towards desperate means of survival such as eating boiled leaves, grass, and whatever scraps they can find. This type of inhabitable settings seem to be the standard conditions to a large portion of the Syrian population with widespread conditions affecting its citizens such as, malnutrition, stunted growth, mental damages and various physical deformities. Proper nutrition is the first step taken towards rebuilding the shattered lives of the majority of Syrians. Mercy Without Limits wants to end the devastating state of Syrian suffrage by providing access to food and water. We strive to do this through programs centered on collaboration with other organizations in order to maximize reach.

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Since March 2011, over 300,000 innocent lives have been lost in the ongoing civil war in Syria. Today, Syria suffers from the worst humanitarian crisis in history. Functioning healthcare facilities are being destroyed whereas those that continue to operate suffer from shortages of water, electricity and supplies. As a result, the people of Syria lack proper health care facilities providing services on an everyday basis and in times of emergency. The insufficiency of health services in addition to the lack of proper sanitation has led to the outbreak of diseases that were once preventable such as, Polio, Meningitis, Measles, Hepatitis A, Poliomyelitis, Leishmaniasis and many more. The tragic outcomes are witnessed through a significant increase in the morbidity and mortality rates in Syria. Recognizing this major problem, Mercy Without Limits is committed in financially supporting healthcare facilities in the development, operation and medical costs to ensure the wellbeing of every Syrian.

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The ongoing Syrian War has left many children orphaned, exposing them even further to the disheartening reality of living through war. Accompanied with that is the many psychologically induced trauma resulting from witnessing the tragic loss of their parents and their loved ones. Even more so than other children, those that have been orphaned can be categorized as being the most disadvantaged. With no one to provide for them, Syrian children lack primary needs such as food, shelter, and education. Syrian children, as a whole, are deprived of the fundamentals necessary for survival. They have faced trauma and will continue to spend the rest of their lives coping with the horrors they have witnessed. Mercy Without Limits’ sponsorship program is designed to guarantee the wellbeing of each child through targeted initiatives. These initiatives will focus on the four principal area needs, food, shelter, health and education. Our aim is not only focused on providing access to basic human demands but also on constructing a feasible plan of success through individualized care and attention.

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Mercy Without Limits is dedicated in responding to emergency situations on a global scale. In recent months, Mercy Without Limits joined the many efforts of generous organizations to bring water to the occupied territory of Gaza. As fighting escalates in Mosul Iraq, MWL responds by providing emergency aid to displaced families that range from food, clean water, hygiene supplies and winter essentials. Domestically, our team worked on providing water to areas of Flint, Michigan and Garland, Texas in response to the current water crisis.

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