What are Micro Projects?

Without a reliable and adequate means of earning a living, the cycle of poverty is inevitable for individuals facing unfortunate social circumstances. By creating opportunities for individuals in impoverished communities to achieve sustainable livelihoods, families and communities can prosper adequately for many years.

Mercy Without Limits aims to improve socio-economic capacity by helping individuals’ gain the necessary skillsets to develop a reliable income source. We work with local markets and economies to help restore communities by empowering them through vocational opportunities, social opportunities, training, jobs, and other sustainable and long-term solutions to improve their living conditions.

UN Statistics:

Programs by MWL:

  1. Youth & Adolescent Empowerment
  2. Advocacy
  3. Arabic Learning
  4. Design Thinking for Social Initiatives & Empowerment
  5. Social Organizations Empowerment
  6. Scouting
  7. Livelihood Initiatives

How Does the Youth & Adolescent Empowerment Program Work?

MWL’s Youth & Adolescent Empowerment Program aims to empower youth in Syria and Turkey by giving them practical tools and academic skills to be qualified to lead positive change in their communities and gain social and financial empowerment. These tools help to build the youth’s capacity for teamwork, community work, and campaign launches. The youth participate in training workshops, private projects, and entrepreneurship clubs to conduct research and engage in activities which increases their access to the labor market. Financial and leadership support is also provided by MWL to support the youth to develop successful plans for their team projects and activities.


Beneficiaries in 2019:

How Does MWL Ensure the Sustainability of This Program?

MWL is a member of the Child Protection (CP) cluster and the chair of Youth & Adolescents Task-Force. MWL works with other humanitarian actors which are already working in the field of child protection and youth empowerment. Tools and measures are developed to advocate for youth empowerment and to ensure the skills learned and sustainability of project impacts last for years into the future.


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