Illuminate Your Deeds:

Earthquake Aid

Victims in Turkiye and Syria of the devastating earthquakes on 6th February continue to require our support as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Our team is working around-the-clock in both Turkey and Syria to provide urgent relief to hundreds of thousands. Your support can provide food, water and shelter, and make all the difference this Ramadan.

Illuminate Your Deeds:

Feed the Hungry

People around the world celebrate Ramadan by abstaining from food and water -- the only difference is that many cannot break their fast. Around the world, almost 828 million people are hungry, unsure where their next meal is coming from.

In Ramadan, we only experience a fraction of their struggle. MWL is taking action by providing a month’s supply of food to those in need -- enough food to last through all of Ramadan. By donating to MWL, you can ensure that people in need can enjoy the blessings of their Ramadan without worrying how they will break their fast.

Illuminate Your Deeds:


From Fleeing violence to facing natural disasters, there are countless reasons why people are struggling to find shelter this Ramadan.

Ramadan isn’t easy for many of our communities overseas. With MWL, you can be the end to their struggle, and a beginning to their hope.

Provide a home to families in need with MWL, put a roof over their heads, shelter them from the rain and bring them in from the cold. Be their Ramadan miracle today.

Illuminate Your Deeds:

Brighten Their Future

There are an estimated 153 million orphans alone and without support worldwide.

With your contribution, you can sponsor an orphan and provide them with food, clothes and necessities to live a healthy life.

Ramadan is an incredible time to gather with our family and friends. As we prepare to gather with our loved ones to break fast and celebrate Eid, let’s remember those children who are vulnerable and without the love and care they deserve.

Sponsor an orphan with MWL, and provide them with a place to feel safe and supported this Ramadan.

Illuminate Your Deeds:

Purify Your Wealth with Zakat

Solve this equation: what does 2 billion Muslims + 2.5% of their wealth equal?

Zakat is our duty and our blessing that provides us the opportunity to make an impact for those who need it most. With programs in 11 countries, MWL provides plenty of opportunities to put your Zakat to good use. Donate to MWL this Ramadan -- and make a long-lasting change.

Illuminate Your Deeds:

Make Their Eid Shine

Don’t we all deserve new clothes and gifts for the Eid holiday?

Zakat al-Fitr is a wonderful way to show your support for those who are less fortunate on a day when we should all be celebrating. Donate your Zakat al-Fitr with MWL and ensure that those struggling have all they need to enjoy their Eid al-Fitr.

Celebrate the month of Ramadan by giving an Eid to remember.