Lighten Ramadan with a Water Well

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Ensure That Communities Receive the Blessing of Water by the Start of the Blessed Month.

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The Gift of Water in a Blessed Month

With Ramadan just around the corner, MWL is dedicated to ensuring that families in disadvantaged communities have access to the blessing of water when they need it most.

Clean water, sanitation and hygiene, prevents those in need from suffering from life-threatening disease. Local water wells relieve refugees from having to (in some cases) travel several miles just to find a clean water source.

We are pushing to build as many wells as possible in time for refugees to have access to them during Ramadan. Clean water is a basic right that they’ve been living without for far too long - and we need your help.

With over 2.1 billion people worldwide suffering from a lack of clean water, every bit of support can make a life-changing impact in the lead-up to this blessed month. It’s our duty to ensure that we can lighten their Ramadan.

Want to Know More?

What Happens When You Donate to MWL’s WASH program?

  • Water is constructed in the country you selected. If in Bangladesh or Pakistan, donor will receive.
  • Certificate, GPS coordinates of location, photos, and videos of the well construction and usage by locals within 2-3 months after donation.
  • Happy, healthy community.

How Does MWL Ensure the Sustainability of This Program?

MWL’s goal isn’t just to build water wells, but to provide easy access to clean, sustainable water resources for years to come. MWL provides training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions. We also provide trainings for mechanics to perform repairs, which best prepares the community for emergencies.