Water is a Blessing,
Provide It For Others

Each human being is entitled to the basic human right
of clean, consumable water.

Water is the Basis of Life

Mercy Without Limits constructs large-scale water infrastructure projects that enable direct access to safe water and sanitation for thousands of people in countries affected by conflict. Furthermore, we provide training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions.

Our work has taken us to Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Syria, Pakistan, and India. Our goal is to drastically decrease the number of people dying from contaminated water and unsanitary conditions.

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Tube Well
in Bangladesh


Tube Well
in Pakistan


Tube Well in Ghana and Sierra Leone

Why Mercy Without Limits

Mercy Without Limits strives to meet the needs of neglected and underserved communities so that future generations may have the tools they need to create meaningful change in their own lives. Working with partners around the world, we empower communities to recover, build resiliency, and thrive in the face of unfortunate circumstances.

MWL acknowledges that everyone deserves the necessities of life including: food, clean water, shelter, clothing, health services, and opportunities for sustainable growth.

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Mercy Without Limits is a nonprofit 501©(3) (status) organization registered in the United States.

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