A Snow Storm is Blanketing Syrian Tents

At least 1 child has died, and 2 are hospitalised due to tents collapsing under harsh weather conditions this week. The resulting cold is unbearable, especially for young children.

They have nowhere else to go. Let's provide them with a bit of warmth to get through these life-threatening times.

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Once the snow melts, flooding will compound their misery 

“I was scared the tent would fall down on the kids,” Abu Anas said in Zaitoun camp in northern Syria. He was forced to flee with his family from eastern Gouta, an area devastated by the conflict. 

“It is a miserable situation. No heating, a tent that is not suitable even for animals. Our situation is bad,” he commented following Storm Saba.

One of the worst refugee crises recorded since WWII

The Syrians have resorted to burning plastic, old clothes, and even sheep manure to keep warm in the past.

One of the most shocking examples that make one question humanity include using war missiles to remain warm. 

Let's help them in time so they don't have to risk their health to stay warm this time around.

Displaced from their homes, they're struggling to survive the cold yet again

Tents with inadequate heating and layers of blankets are their only source of comfort.

Over a third of displaced Syrians know someone who has died or been ill from the cold, and less than 30% claim their shelter is suited for winter. Let's end their suffering today.

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