For millions around the
world, winter is
a life-threatening


Donate today to spread some warmth.

MWL’s Dedication to Winter Aid

Every winter, Mercy Without Limits provides winter clothes to keep children warm so they can focus on their future rather than surviving the brutally cold weather. This year is no different. Syrians have suffered long enough due to lack of food, education, and employment. Now more than ever, they need some warmth in their lives. They deserve to be looked after.

Donate today to save a life

Winter Donation Packages


Clothes for multiple families



Clothes for a community



Clothes for thousands of Syrians


Warmth without limits

As the season changes, so do a community’s needs. Working in some of the poorest communities, we improve life expectations and foster hope through projects that provide access to food, clothing, and bring joy and warmth to children and families during important times. Projects include the distribution of food baskets, prepared hot meals, Qurbani, Eid gifts, Eid carnivals, and winter kits

Donate today to save a life

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