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Educational Improvements for Syrian Children
April 1, 2020

Since #MWLimits believe that Parent participation is a necessity to connect the school with the family and the surrounding community. Therefore, we held a parent council meeting at every school. The elected council met in...
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Better Education for Syrian students
March 25, 2020

#MWLimits approves the extra-curricular activities as part of the educational process in our schools in the villages of Afrin and Dana. Studies show that extra-curricular activities are among the best educational methods that benefit students...
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MWL Adopts Positive Class Participation Class activities
March 18, 2020

#MWLimits recognize the importance of positive class participation by adopting this approach through some class activities to enhance student participation in the educational process. This process will allow children to require information by themselves with...
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Corona Virus Relief Fund
March 16, 2020

Stand with #MWLimits and support people who don't have the means to feed their families and care for them in this difficult time of #Coronavirus Donate Here As the CDC recommends canceling all in-person gatherings and as workers...
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Psychological Support for Children
March 11, 2020

We continued our psychological support by targeting children in formal and non-formal education. The program provides recreational and awareness activities aimed at instilling correct educational principles and values ​​in our children.
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Servicing Children with Special Needs
March 4, 2020

Mercy Without Limits team in collaboration with the Guidance and Orientation Center in Al-Bab city has set up an activity for children with special needs with the aim of planting smiles and joy in their...
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Safe Space for Children & Young Adults
March 2, 2020

As we continue to secure a safe environment for children and young adults, a recovery project in Afrin and AL Dana works to provide 12 child-friendly spaces. The project goal is to draw a smile...
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MWLimits update -Northern Syria Emergency Relief Project
February 28, 2020

Mercy Without Limits Emergency Response Project in Idleb - Syria so far, with your help we can do more.
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