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Children programs- Sweet making
October 27, 2020

  Children are the soul of life, and its fragrance, they are the innocent smile and the vision of a simple and easy life free from problems and worries. Some shots of making sweets with...
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Protection program for Children
October 26, 2020

  Mercy Without Limits team conducted an awareness campaign on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse aimed at raising awareness of its impact on victims and society and knowing how to report allegations or concerns...
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Bread Campaign continues
October 25, 2020

    Give Mercy... Get Mercy... Bread is the most popular food, and it provides people with more energy and protein than any other food, and it is often said that bread is the basis...
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Protection Activities in Syria
October 24, 2020

    Through the protection activities that Mercy Without Limits seeks to provide to the most vulnerable groups, namely women and adolescents, 1000 dignity baskets were distributed in the Harbanoush area within the Al-Khalid, Al-Silouma,...
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Chess Initiative in Idlib
October 23, 2020

    The Mercy Without Limits team implemented a chess initiative in Idlib, where contestants of all ages were present. The competition also included prizes for the winners.
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Give Mercy Get Mercy Children undernourished Globally
October 22, 2020

  Give Mercy  Get Mercy  Did you know Over 180 million children under the age of five are undernourished globally? Be part of the solution and Donate Today 
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Teaching kids how to recycle
October 21, 2020

    Through psychological support activities in the Child Protection Department, and to enhance the self-confidence of adolescent girls and enhance their creativity, they were trained on how to make use of paper waste in...
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Bread distribution Continues in Syria
October 20, 2020

  Bread is synonymous with life in all civilizations of the world. Its shape, color, and taste may differ from place to place. However, its symbol remains unified in heritage, history, and social traditions today...
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