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31 Jul 2022

Dhul Hijjah – A Time of Sacrifice and Joy

Just as Ramadan closes, three months later, another time of fasting and celebration springs up, ready for its blessings to be collected by those worldwide.

We are reminded again the lessons we learned and the reflections we’ve made past in Ramadan—to be thankful of what we have, to celebrate it, while giving to others who are in need.

Mercy Without Limits welcomes this time every year with gratitude and a tender approach to illuminating the lives of many. The ten days of this month especially are regarded as the best months of the year — and our team takes advantage of them, with blessings and happiness for all. From providing food to hosting Eid celebrations, our team makes bringing happiness and contentment a lifelong process. Here is what our team did for Dhul Hijjah 2022:


From Jordan to Sierra Leone, our team provided clean, ethical meat distribution in accordance to religious tradition. The meat we collected fed thousands of underserved communities, providing them with enough meat to feed families for weeks to come.


Eid Celebration

We love ending the Dhul Hijjah season with a bang—a celebration fit for all children to lift their spirits for years to come. Our team knows how to create parties for children and families to remember, including providing engaging activities and handing out new clothes, toys, and other gifts. What better way to end the season than with happiness, joy, and freedom from the stresses of life?

What now– what is MWL’s plan for this upcoming Dhul Hijjah season?

More and more programs and excitement are on the horizon for Dhul Hijjah and Eid al Adha 2023. Your support forms programs and plants smile on people’s faces. We are continuing to organize campaigns that keep families, orphans, and others in need with everything they need to live happy, long-lasting lives. Here is what MWL has in store for this season:


MWL continues to provide Qurbani services for those who would like to complete their religious obligation of providing animal meat for those in need. Meat is often the hardest food item for families to afford—so we are especially looking forward to continuing our tradition of feeding thousands of people in our global community.

Eid Gifts

What better way to end the season than with a party? Children gather together at our MWL Eid celebrations worldwide to collect new clothes, toys, and other items. Our children in poverty deserve the chance to enjoy new gifts without worrying if their families will be able to afford them. Eid is a fantastic way to remind families that there is a global community that supports and loves them.

In another month, we once again fast and sacrifice our daily feasts to reflect and celebrate another holiday. There are countless ways YOU can contribute to a great Dhul Hijjah and an even better year for those in need.