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Healthcare Aid


With multiple healthcare initiatives, MWL has successfully supported healthcare for the underprivileged in the various countries we work in.

Supporting the wellness of those in need

Taking care of communities struggling with poverty is our main goal; and the importance of providing them with healthcare cannot be overstated. As of 2023, our humanitarian efforts have allocated and distributed over 1.4 million dollars’ worth of aid towards healthcare programs. 

Over the years, MWL has supported multiple health and wellness projects around the world. With the help of our generous donors, we’ve established five dental clinics in Northern Syria, we’ve supported health facilities in Eastern Ghouta, we’ve funded salaries for staff at Ain Albaeda hospital, we supplied Al-Ikhaa hospital in Idlib with equipment and medicine, we distributed oxygen kits in hospitals in Jordan during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we helped establish the Yemen Academic Hospital; among many other projects.  

Following the deadly earthquakes in February 2023, our team supplied 100,000 liters of fuel to hospitals in Northern Syria and secured 20 million dollars’ worth of medicine and medical equipment for healthcare facilities in the region.  

As part of our flagship program, our orphan sponsorships ensure orphans receive consistent healthcare, including two check-ups per year. We’ve been able to support thousands of children in need with medical care; and work to continuously spread our reach and provide these services to even more orphans around the world.


children are orphans worldwide


children suffer from being stunted, according to UNICEF

“It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Gandhi