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31 May 2022

Ramadan Reflections – A Recap of Ramadan 2022

It’s very interesting - in the midst of the movement of our lives, we wake up to find that Ramadan has arrived again.

And what you thought your daily routine would look like is now shifted, with early morning breakfasts and fasting for more than 12 hours.

But we understand that in the midst of this chaos, this change of pace, is a chance to look inward for nourishment and guidance. Ramadan is a time for reflection, and what better way to reflect than to look at the past?

Mercy Without Limits recognizes that in order to gain the true blessings of Ramadan, one must a) look beyond themselves and their worldly desires, and b) think of others. It is true, that fasting is difficult—but it is nearly impossible to work on self-growth and nourishment when one is unsure how they will break their fast. We recognize that there are millions around the world who are in a never-ending fast.

We have done extensive work last Ramadan in order to make sure families are fed. When people are fed, they can focus their attention not on where their next meal is coming from, but on self-development, especially during this Holy Month.

What we did

For Ramadan 2022, we at MWL provided food and other necessities for communities around the globe. From food baskets to water wells to Eid gifts, MWL aims to make Ramadan and Eid a time of joy and blessings to all those in need.

Food baskets

With the help of your donation, we packaged and distributed food baskets during Ramadan—packages of food to feed a family for the entire month. Families spent Ramadan together, gaining their blessings, instead of worried about what they can eat for iftar.


MWL hosted iftars for thousands of families to break their fast together. Month long, we provided nutritious meals to nourish the spirits of others.


Orphan Sponsorship

Communities are created and maintained during the Ramadan season. Orphans without immediate family especially need that communal support. Thankfully, MWL was able to promote sponsorship of orphans worldwide and provide them with necessities during Ramadan. With the help of our MWL community, we were able to feed, clothe, and nurture young children and bless their Ramadan.

Building Wells

Access to water is a necessity—one that is especially important for long days of fasting. Water brings people together and forms communities. MWL has built several water wells in various communities in order to strengthen those communities and provide an essential life force.


MWL ended the Ramadan season with a celebration fit for our communities. New clothes and toys were handed to children – many of whom are orphans- to lift their spirits.

Ramadan is a cycle of reflection and celebration. We hope to continue to make this month easier and full of blessings for our global communities. We thank you all for contributing to our projects and changing people’s lives, and we look forward to sharing updates from Ramadan 2023.