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We are driven by the belief that each human being is entitled to the basic human right of clean, consumable water. Building water wells in underserved communities continues to be one of our main programs. It takes around 2-3 months to complete a well. For every well that is built, donors will receive videos and photos of it being used, along with the GPS coordinates of the well itself. Tube Well (hand pump, serves around 40 families): $500 - Bangladesh/Rohingya $1,500 - India, Pakistan $2,500 - Africa Deep Well (automatic faucets, serves around 100 families): $3,000 - Bangladesh/Rohingya $7,500 - India, Pakistan, Africa

Water is an essential that human beings cannot live without.

For many around the world this basic human right has been undermined due to natural disasters, conflict, poverty, and social circumstances.

To address this cause, MWL constructs large-scale water infrastructure projects that enable direct access to safe water and sanitation for thousands of people in affected communities. Our goal is to drastically decrease the number of people dying from contaminated water and unsanitary conditions.

Our teams construct deep electrical and manual tube water wells for impoverished communities throughout South Asia and Africa.

Tube wells are manual, hand pump water wells that serve around 40 families. Deep wells feature automatic faucets and serve around 100 families. We educate local community members on the technical maintenance of the wells and equipment for long-term sustainability; and provide training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions.

Should you choose to build a well, it takes about 2-3 months to be completed. Once your well is built, you will receive videos and photos of it being used, along with the GPS coordinates of your well.


people globally have limited access to safe drinking water

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illnesses in the developing world can be linked to lack of water and sanitation

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world’s population experience extreme water scarcity during at least one month of the year

“Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.” Nelson Mandela