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Volunteer with MWL
February 18, 2021

  Mercy Without Limits is welcoming to collaborate with youth and activists from all nationalities around the world to contribute to supporting the advocacy efforts for all vulnerable groups, Register Today
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Health Awareness in the Korin-Idlib- Syria
February 15, 2021

Mercy Without Limits event aimed at increasing health awareness and focusing on the importance of personal and general hygiene for children, in the Korin - Idlib region - Syria
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School restoration work continues in Idlib Syria
February 12, 2021

  School restoration work continues in Idlib Syria
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School restoration work in Idlib Syria
February 11, 2021

  Mercy Without Limits continues the school restoration work in Idlib.
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Childcare Sexual abuse Survivor Training
February 10, 2021

5 continuous days of training for childcare survivors of sexual abuse in Idlib, in coordination with the Child Protection Sub-Group and the Gender-Based Violence Sub-Group.
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MWL Continues Back to learning campaign
February 9, 2021

  Mercy Without Limits conducted the second round of Back to Learning campaign and awareness-raising campaigns for 5281 children, caregivers, teachers, and community key members included 113 PWDs.
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MWL distribute Bread daily
February 8, 2021

  Mercy Without Limits Distribute 7000 daily bread in 29 camps in Dana and Salqin. Over 22113 Adults, 385 PWDs benefited from bread distribution in camps.
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4,000 Refugees in bad conditions in Northern Syria
February 4, 2021

  🛑 URGENT Appeal 🛑 Save the lives of over 4,000 people in Kelly camps-Idleb with essential winter items including Blankets, mattress, winter clothes kit, stove work with coal, heating coal, and more. Donate Today...
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