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Morocco Appeal

Moroccan Earthquakes Shock Thousands

On September 8th, seemingly overnight, thousands watched the lives they lived shatter in front of their eyes. Homes demolished, family members injured – all due to the devastating earthquake to hit the region.



The earthquakes of September 2023 rattled the hearts of many around the world, but it shattered the lives of thousands of Moroccans. Help is on the way for those who have lost everything—from homes to the people they loved the most.

As the day started, many Moroccans followed their routine as usual. Mothers took their children to school, fathers went to work, and families came home later to eat together and engage each other in stories and laughter. Life was typical and beautiful for thousands of Moroccans—until 11:11 at night, their world shook and crumbled around them.

Suddenly, the daily routine was gone; the laughter and happiness were mere memories under the weight of the rubble.

Quickly following the disaster, our team was on Moroccan soil to rebuild Moroccan life. We have built emergency shelters and provided aid to those in need of support. We are continuing our support victims of the devastating earthquake with your help. Shelters are being built, food is being distributed and buildings are being repaired. The old days are gone, but with your help, days of hope are on the horizon.


magnitude earthquakes of September 8th have been Morocco’s deadliest since 1960.


Moroccans need emergency aid after the September 8th earthquakes.


Moroccans have been injured and are seeking medical support.