Standards of Conduct for Volunteers - Mercy Without Limits
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Mercy Without Limits Standards of Conduct for Volunteers

Dear Volunteer,

We are thrilled to have you join us in working to empower children in need around the world. We appreciate your dedication and time and look forward to engaging with you. Mercy Without Limits has the following Standards of Conduct for volunteers which we ask you to review and maintain during your time as a volunteer with us.


Volunteers will respect the human dignity and protect the civil and legal rights of all program participants.

Volunteers will serve with appropriate concern for the program participant’s welfare and with no purpose of personal gain.

Behavior between Mercy Without Limits volunteers will maintain the character of promoting mutual respect and to facilitate the goals of Mercy Without Limits at all times.

Statements critical of Mercy Without Limits or other volunteers will be made privately only as these are verifiable and constructive in purpose.

Volunteers will respect the importance of all elements of the Mercy Without Limits system and work to cultivate a professional cooperation with it.

Volunteers will respect and protect the right of Mercy Without Limits to be safe-guarded from criminal activity.


No volunteer will use their official position to secure personal privileges or advantages.

No volunteer will act in their official capacity in any matter in which they have personal interest that could in the least degree impair their objectivity

No volunteer will use their official position to promote any partisan political purposes.

In any public statement, volunteers will clearly distinguish between those that are personal views and those that are statements and positions on behalf of Mercy Without Limits.

Volunteers will be diligent in his/her responsibility to record and make available for review any and all information which could contribute to sound decisions affecting a program participant or the public safety.

Volunteers will report to the program supervisor, without reservation, any corrupt or unethical behavior which could affect either a program participant or the integrity of the organization.

Volunteers will not discriminate against any program participant on the basis of race, sex, creed, or national origin.

Volunteers will maintain the integrity of private information; they will neither seek personal data beyond that needed to perform their responsibilities, nor reveal case information to anyone not having proper professional use for such.

Volunteers will ensure participant information is maintained privately and shared with others only after permission to share information has been granted.

Volunteers shall not display favoritism or preferential treatment of one participant, or group of participants, over others.

Volunteers will strive to remain proficient and gain new knowledge related to their job functions.

Volunteers are forbidden to engage in any conduct which is criminal in nature or which would bring discredit upon Mercy Without Limits.

ABSOLUTELY no use of drugs or alcohol permitted in any endeavor under the Mercy Without Limits name


I have read, understood, and agree to follow Mercy Without Limits Standards of Conduct for Volunteers.

I understand and agree to these terms